Request Matching Rules

Incorporating highly flexible and customizable request matching rules, virtually any kind of request can be matched.

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Flexible Deployment

Built with Docker and .NET Core, Orbital can be deployed anywhere Docker is supported, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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Isolated Pipeline

Orbital’s modular pipeline architecture allows for easy development, request matching, and debugging.

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Orbital is a mocking tool that enables rapid microservice development and testing. Orbital supports mocking services by using the OpenAPI spec in both YAML and JSON. Orbital allows for parallel development between front-end and back-end teams by reducing the dependencies between each other. This allows for increased productivity because the back-end team does not have to wait for the front-end team, and vice-versa. Deploying Orbital in your organization is very easy, and can remove these dependencies.

Orbital uses the mockdefinition format to know when and what response to return when a request is matched. A mockdefinition is an annotated OpenAPI spec (written in JSON) that contains the scenarios used to match requests for each endpoint. The OpenAPI spec defines a standard, programming language-agnostic interface description for APIs, allowing humans and computers to understand the capabilities of a service without source code.